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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hodge Podge

I'm not even sure if that's correct spelling up there (Hodge podge!), but this is going to be a short (stop laughing) little update and - and I won't make any promises as to when I'll be back writing normal posts!  Life is - well - life!

I wrote one of my new years resolutions was to lose weight.  Well, I've lost a bit actually!  I've done a juicing fast and this week I start training for a 5k.  Pray - this is not a battle - it's WAR!!

Kiddos are doing well!  Lysie is busy at school and her first year is almost over.  My how time flies!  I am soooo looking forward to having my girl home.  Jon continues to work through school - still tough - but he is working hard and plunging forward.  He's decided to try out for football this next fall.  The kid is GROWING like crazy.  He's as tall as me and has hit 140 pounds.  Marty was 145 when we got married so I think the kid might actually be bigger than his Dad at some point.  Never thought I would say that!!

My foot is still in the walking boot.  I've been pushing too much but will continue to push some more.  It's my nature.  As I said - I will start training for a 5k this week - walking boot and all!  It's just the way I roll ;)

Today God has been giving me a rather strange (lol) message - well - strange in the wording - but when God repeats "strange" wording twice in one day - well - I know I'm supposed to pay attention.  Twice today I have heard the exact phrase "Awake from your slumber O sleeper".  It was the message at a church we don't usually attend (visiting friends & went with them).  Didn't think much of it until we were driving home and lo and behold - the EXACT phrase was on a church sign of all things that we passed on the way home.  Noted God!

Let's see - for the boys Spring break, we're headed out to see Elyse in Minneapolis.  I am beyond excited!  Little man is going to fly down to Texas to see his Grandparents.  I'm terrified of the whole flying by himself thing - but he, of course, being almost 16, can NOT wait!  He loves Texas.  He told us today he was going to college at Texas Tech.  One kid in the freezing arctic zone of Minneapolis, one kid in the hot desert zone of Texas.  Go figure.  Fortunately he has 3 more years before that happens - but - he's thinking about it at least!

Got to spend lots of time with friends this past week which is always a blessing.  Took Jon to Castaway Bay in Sandusky and enjoyed some family time as well.  Mid-winter break for the boys has come to a conclusion and it's back to the grind tomorrow :(

Well my friends - that's about all for now.  I know it's been forever and I know I promised to write more.  I'm not going to promise this time - I'm just going to do the best I can with the time I have.  I trust this post finds you all doing way.  Be blessed!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Parenting Etiquette for Facebook

This is a post a long time coming.

I am a parent of 1 young adult and 1 teen.  Until my oldest went to college, we knew her password for Facebook.  In fact, I probably still know it.  Same for the youngest who is almost 16.  I monitor their Facebook accounts - more for the younger than the older now - but monitored the oldest as well when she was at home.

We have some rules.  First and foremost - family issues - stay in the family.  Never.  Ever get on Facebook and talk bad about us as parents.  That's a fast way to get yourself kicked off Facebook permanently.  Neither of my kids have ever done that to my knowledge.

But more than that - we do the same for our kids.

Here's the deal.

Don't talk bad about your teens on Facebook.  Don't try to publicly humiliate them.  Don't air your gripes and complaints about your teens for the world to see.  Don't share what they've done wrong.  Don't talk about how much they annoy you. Don't involve other people on Facebook and try to get other people on your side when your teens are mad at you.  Just don't do it.  If you see someone else doing it - don't get involved.  Don't say a word.  If you expect your kids not to talk about YOU on Facebook - well then - don't talk about them.  Keep family matters private.

Just once, and only once, I made the mistake of making a remark about one of my kids on Facebook.  It was on a comment and it really wasn't that big of a deal - and I didn't think they would see it - but my child saw it.  The look in their eyes told me I had crossed the line.  I unintentionally embarrassed them and hurt their feelings all at the same time.  Said child, in turn, removed me from their Facebook account - which was quickly remedied because that's not going to happen.  However - I gave them some grace - because I was to blame.

When my kids do something on Facebook I don't like - comments or updates - or whatever - because I'm monitoring - I catch it quickly.  I talk to them face to face and not over the computer.  Honestly I think maybe once with both of my kids have I even had to have a conversation because the expectations were set ahead of time.  I don't post something on their status as a snotty reply.  I don't make videos of shooting up their computers like a recent thing I saw that everyone thinks is hilarious.  That's a good way to cause permanent damage to your relationship.

Once when I was a teenager we were visiting my Aunt. This was pre-Facebook - pre-Internet days.  It was late at night and I overheard my parents - and especially my Dad - telling my Aunt what a horrible teenager I was.  Of course, in my situation, I wanted to run out there and tell my Aunt what my father had been doing to me my whole life - but beyond that - I was crushed.  Devastated that my father was out there telling my Aunt all these bad things about me.  It hurt and hurt a lot.  It's no different now with Facebook.  There is just no need to tell the world how awful your teenager is.  We all know how teenagers are.  If you need to talk, find a trusted friend and call them or privately message them when your kid is not around.  There is nothing wrong with seeking advice - but to put it out there for everyone - unfair.

Anyway.  That's my 2 cents.  It breaks my heart to see so many parents who feel it is okay to talk bad about their teenagers or someone elses teenagers on Facebook.  It's not the way things should be handled.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


So sorry folks.  It's been such a long time.  I will try to post more often in the weeks to come.

Let's see!  What to tell you???

Ummm - I got sick and stayed sick for over a week - no fun.  Then, just as I was barely starting to recover from the sickness, I broke my toe.  Now - that might not sound like a big deal, right?  Yeah, well, I broke the base of it, which turns out to be difficult to break.  Due to the location and severity - no toe taping for me - but a walking cast - for - 8 weeks.  8 weeks people!!

I have yet to figure out if I can drive with this thing on.  I took last week off due to being sick and trying to get the swelling down in my foot.  The goal for the next 3 days is to spend enough time on my foot to figure out if I can handle chasing kids around for 7 hours.  I'm hoping to pick up some half day jobs towards the end of the week just to see if I can take it.

The boys finished off the semester and have started a new one.  Jon made it through his first semester of Algebra which was not an easy task for him.  So proud of how hard he worked to pass that class.  Funny story - we were in a restaurant when he looked up his exam grade - which was a 63%.  Now - most parents would not be pleased with that - but Jon worked soooo hard and with his learning disability - we were PRAYING he would pass the stupid exam.  So - he sees on the computer that he got a 63% and YELLS out in the middle of the restaurant - "YES!  I got a 63%!  I passed!" and we about jumped out of our seats and high fived him.  Everyone was kind of looking at us like "WHAT is WRONG with them??  WORST parents in the WORLD!"  Anyway - funny moment and again, so proud of all his hard work this semester. 

Elyse made it through her first semester and with a ton of work and dedication made the Dean's list for her first semester of college!!  She got all A's and 1 B.  We are equally as proud of our girl for working so hard and dedicating this time in her life to grow in the Lord.  We love our kids - both gifted in their own ways.  We sure are blessed :)

Let's see, what else?  We are slowly moving forward with trying to move.  We have gotten a short sale packet from our mortgage company.  Pray - we need a miracle.  We don't have a "hardship" really in order to technically get a short sale.  We will not walk away from our house - we can pay the mortgage and pay we will.  However, the worth of the house is literally less than half of what we paid for it.  We have no options but a short sale - but the mortgage company has to agree to it.  We are going to talk to them about how Jon has switched schools and we need to be closer for him.  I don't know that they will consider that a "hardship" or not.  If not, we have no options but to stay.  For Jon's sake - we need to move closer to school.  He wants to play football in the fall and living 45 minutes away is not feasible for that.  The gas money IS killing us and if gas hits 5.00 a gallon like it's supposed to - then we will have a hardship!

Like I said - I'll try to post more often.  I apologize.  Life is just crazy right now.  If your still with me - thanks - and sorry to disappoint!

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