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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Confessions of a working Mom

SO :)

It's been a long, long while - again.  So - let's do a brief update if I happen to have any readers left - which I highly doubt - but hey - a girl can dream, right??

I believe I have accomplished some New Year's resolutions this year!  I think I had 3, although I would have to re-read to remember for sure.

One was to lose weight and get in shape.  I am working on it.  Lost 50 pounds, training for a 5k which will occur on my birthday at the end of September.  I am up to 26 minutes of running people!  Do you have ANY idea how awesome that is?  I never - and I mean NEVER - thought I would get HERE!

Second was to move.  We did.  2 weeks ago.  It has been crazy INSANE - but we did it.  I told my son we would - and we did.

Third - and this wasn't a New Year's resolution nor even on my radar - but God is faithful and He provided me with a new full time job at my brother's company in Ann Arbor as an "administrator" (fancy word for one who sits on her butt at a computer all day and pulls credit reports, bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, etc, etc, etc - for those of you who have gotten mortgages).  Basically I work for a quality control company.  It is federally regulated that all mortgage companies audit 10% of their mortgages a month (I think).  We audit those mortgages.  Really we're auditing the mortgage companies and make sure they keep up with all the laws - which honestly is nearly impossible.  I pull all that information along with 3 other people.  Then we create reports which I copy and paste from the loan computer software onto word documents which gets sent to one of my bosses who goes over them, adds stuff, deletes stuff, and passes that onto the mortgage company and then we get paid.

So - now I'm a full time working Mom. In the past month, I have moved a house I lived in for 10 years, rented a new one, fixed up and rented out my old one, packed more boxes and unpacked more boxes than I ever care to pack or unpack again, moved into a  beautiful little house in Ann Arbor and started a full time job.  WHEW!  Jon started football this week, Elyse goes back to college in 3 weeks and the boys start school in about 5 weeks.  Life moves full steam ahead!

My confessions.

It's HARD to be a full time working Mom!  I'm so thankful for my amazing husband who is stepping in to replace me as house Dad.  I have no idea how we're going to do it once he goes back to school after labor day - but for now - he's cooking, he's cleaning, he's taking care of the kids, the laundry, the dog - and he's doing a great job.

I have to admit - I love my job.  I'm thankful for it, for however long it lasts. It might be temporary and it might not be.  Have to wait another 70 days or so to find out for sure.  I love it oh so much more than substitute teaching.  I sit in a little office with 4 other people who are fun and easy to work with, I have 2 chill bosses (one being my brother) and I don't have to deal with customers.  It is so perfect for me.  And I make more than I did subbing.

What I don't love about my job is how torn I feel once I get home.  When I'm at work, bringing home the bacon, I don't think about how far behind things are at home.  I don't think about the weeds or the dirty clothes or the dishes or the grocery list or the bills or the dog poop in the yard or who has to be where when or any of that.  Marty IS doing a fine job - but it's always been - well - my job.  I get home and he doesn't do the laundry the way I do, he puts the soap on the "wrong" side of the room, and...and well for the first week - I found myself - frustrated.

Until I realized it was all really petty and stupid.  It was OKAY that he was doing a terrifically awesome job.  It was OKAY that someone else can do just as a good of a job as I do - and do it differently.  It didn't mean I had stunk at it.

I miss my kids.  I miss my husband.  Heck, I miss the dog.

This is a new season.  A season of transition.  New town, new home, new job - new a lot.  But one thing remains the same.

God, God has entrusted us with all of it.  He sees something I do not - that together, as a family, we are more than capable of all of this - whatever He has planned for us here.  He brought us here - oh so faithful - I'll tell you all of that later - but God has had His hand in this every step of the way.  God knows that we are here - in His plan.  In his purpose.  I'm excited to see that unfold - to embrace the new, to figure out how to make it work - to find a new church, to meet new friends, to step out in faith in whatever way God wishes me too.

I'll just go along for the ride.


Jackie Koll said...

Great informative post, my friend :-) My one word of advice? Don't let your job take over your life - if you are working too many hours and can't enjoy your family, it really isn't a success, is it? You will find balance and the house will stay cleaner when no one is home :-)

cutekittypunk said...

you lost 50 pounds! That rocks!!! good job!

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